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Policies & Documents

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​Things you should know


Are you ready to book? Click the link below to sign our forms and finish your registration process. 


​Things you should know


*Parents must schedule rides up to 48 hours in advance

*Service is not guaranteed for requests under 24hrs but can be accommodated if possible 

*All parents are required to fill out an intake form, and sign a liability waiver, and service agreement prior to the first transport

*If a parent wishes to cancel a ride less than 24hr before their trip a $10 cancellation fee will be added to your balance.

*All of our clients have the option to pay on a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, and bi-monthly basis.

All payments are to be made by the 5th of every month. Any late payments will incur a $20 late fee. 


*A single ride is counted as a one-way, round trip is considered two separate trips. 

 *When given a price this is the estimated amount for your trip unless otherwise indicated in your service agreement

If at any time the trip runs longer than expected, for any reason, you will see a remaining balance charge on the following invoice.

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