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pricing plans

Our packages are designed to accommodate busy families, organizations, and anyone in need of chaperoned transport for children by giving financial relief while offering extra perks. Our packages range from sporadic transport to more consistent trips. Qualification is dependent on how many trips per month/week your family will need.

*Individual rides are subject to a service fee of $6.00 per trip. 



Anyone who does single or weekly trips fall into the silver package.

This package includes no discounts or incentives.



Minimum of 3 rides per week

10% off total balance

Must pay Bi-weekly or monthly

Turn by Turn GPS

Price Protection




Min of 5 rides per week

$2 off Service Fees per trip

Turn by Turn GPS

Price protection

Roll over credits up to 30days


what to expect: 





Our promise to you is that each Kidz Ride will be consistent, timely, safe, and secure. All of our drivers are insured and have the necessary clearances and licenses. We will get your kid to their destination with a stress-free experience and access to the parents at any moment. Questions? Contact us for more information. 

about us

Kidz Ride is the transportation service solution for busy parents tasked with managing work schedules, school schedules, and beautiful, busy body kids with schedules of their own. we understand mom and dad are constantly pulled in many directions, and we're here to help.


KidzRide LLC is an affordable kid-friendly service that caters to families who need help transporting their most precious cargo. all of our drivers have an ACT 34,33 clearances, FBI clearances, and a reliable/safe vehicle.

We also offer live streaming so you can watch your kid during their ride.


questions? call, email, or follow us on our social media or through e-mail, we are always open to feedback.


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-Sarafina Davis, Owner

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why choose us?

We've tried being in two places at once and it didn't work out. At Kidz Ride, our goal is to take a load off mom an dad by safely transporting your most precious cargo to and from home, school, and extracurricular activities. and let's admit: extra pair of hands, or wheels, would lighten all of our loads.



we are hiring! contact us today to become a Kidz Ride LLC driver.

*valid license, FBI, ACT 34 and 33 clearances, FBI clearances, car insurance, sex offender clearance and registered cars are required for all applicants.


questions? Contact us 

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Mon-Friday : 7:00a- 5:00pm

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